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Welcome to Our Lady of Sorrows, livejournal's first community dedicated to Uchiha Mikoto from Kishimoto Masashi's manga Naruto. Here we will focus mostly on the Uchiha matriarch and her closest family.

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(Rules and Regulations)

This community is for fans of Mikoto, and therefore, there's probably going to be an abundance of spoilers for episodes 84 and up, since she is featured pretty late into the first arc of the series. Suffice to say, SPOILERS ARE EVERYWHERE if you are following the American releases of the manga and anime.
She hasn't been featured in the time jump, but there's nothing to say that there will not be any mention of the recent manga by the members of the community. We will not require tags for spoilers unless it is for the most recent chapters of the manga.

If you fail to realize this, then we will play you a song on the world's tiniest violin, which can also be phrased as "the mods don't care".

There are but a few small rules for the community since it is not very large and therefore won't drawing on numbers like other larger communities do. The rules are as follows:

1. NO flaming/ANBu-ing the members fanwork, at least not within the community. We want to encourage people to join the community and put their two bits in, not to be afraid to publish something.

2. No non-Naruto related posts. It's obnoxious to have to filter through all of the entries and find out which ones are talking about the most recent episode of House (which we all love, but do not want in a Mikoto community).

3. Please refrain from community advertsiements. If they do not pertain to Mikoto or the Uchiha clan, then they will be deleted. As much fun as an rp group can be, it doesn't have much of a place here. Keep it focused, guys.

4. For all fan fiction posts:
---Clearly mark anything adult. We don't mind having the tentacles and familial love floatng around, but Uchihacest and smut definitely requires some sort of warning since it is an open community with open access for the children.
---Tags are not required, but we like it if you put them there.
---No fan fiction posted may be off-topic, so let's keep the SasuNaru and KakaIru in their respective corners of fandom.

5. For all fan art posts:
---Mark the adult stuff, just like the fan fiction. There are young eyes able to access this community, so while you don't have to keep it Disney, you have to keep it clearly marked.
---Linking out is fine, and posting art directly is fine as well, but it would be kind of you to warn the folks here if it's graphics heavy.

6. NO hating on each other. I will ban you more quickly than you can imagine if any moderator has reason to think that you are being boorish and rude. You will not be allowed back in after being banned, and I will know becuase I will be keeping a record of it, so save yourself the trouble and play nice in the playpen.

Other than that, boys and girls, have fun! we look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas that revolve around Mikoto, and especially encourage fan fiction and fan art of her. In the future, we may hold some competitions or challenges from the fandom, but for now we'll focus on building it up a bit.
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(About Mikoto)

To many, Mikoto is not well-known since she is never specifically named anywhere other than the Naruto Guide Book. However, Mikoto is featured in four seperate anime episodes as well as several chapters of the manga as the beautiful wife of Uchiha Fugaku and mother of the Uchiha brothers, Itachi and Sasuke.
Mikoto is a singularly beautiful woman, most likely the origins of Itachi and Sasuke's fragile beauty with her dark black hair and large soft eyes. For those of you who are not certain how to recognize her, she is shown in the anime as wearing a purple day dress and white apron.

Her ninja statistics are brief, but they still exist. Mikoto was a jounin-level ninja, born on June 1st, and while it remains unknown whether or not she had any special tecniques, it stands to reason that she might have had limited use of the Sharingan.

She is shown as being tender with her son, Sasuke, and a dutiful wife with really little control over her family. She and Itachi do not speak to one another, but that is mostly because Fugaku does the speaking for both of them.

Sadly, Mikoto dies pretty quickly in both the manga and anime when Itachi kills the Uchiha clan. Othe rthan in flashbacks that Sasuke experiences, Mikoto is not brought up again.